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Case Study

Warehouse logistics -- Samsung Electronics forklift safety management system

Counts:1167    Time: 23-01-31    From: Suzhou Teknect Engineering Co., Ltd.

Samsung Electronics,one of the world's leading electronics brands,has multiple logistics centers in China.At a logistics base of Samsung Electronics,the fleet of forklifts started with 44 units and 86 operators.Since May 2015,the project of fleet management system has been implemented,and remarkable results have been achieved so far.

Collision monitoring
Control the size of rental fleet
Improve personnel efficiency

Objective Solution:
responsibility to person video monitoring collision system: collision event record lock responsible person, time, vehicle
Fleet management system: clearly understand the overall equipment utilization: on, off, standby three forms
Fleet management system: The system automatically collects data, generates reports, and alerts exceptions  

Achieve results:

The number of personnel decreased by 5 from 86 to 81

The number of forklifts decreased by three from 44 to 41

The number of collisions decreased by 57 per cent from 4.36 to 1.88 per person per day

Tekenet’s fleet management system manages warehouse,car,material,data and safety issues in real time,which actually solves the problems of Samsung Electronics logistics base,such as large fleet size,high use cost,difficult data management,high safety risk,difficult performance evaluation,scattered warehouse points and so on,achieving cost reduction and efficiency increase in warehousing logistics!