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Case Study

Faw Logistics 4S shop forklift anti-collision system application case

Counts:1205    Time: 23-01-31    From: Suzhou Teknect Engineering Co., Ltd.

Project introduction:
Faw-volkswagen Logistics is a professional logistics company responsible for FAW after-sale parts.Based on the actual needs of customers,Teknect installs forklift anti-collision system for hundreds of forklifts of the company,and sets the safe distance between vehicles,goods and pedestrians.During driving,when the distance between vehicles is less than the set distance,the alarm will be triggered immediately and the active brake will be applied to avoid vehicle collision.
forklift anti-collision system
forklift anti-collision system

Landing results:
Within one month of the trial operation of the forklift collision system,the number of collisions was reduced by 90%.113 have been installed so far.After a collision,the monitoring system records it,placing the responsibility on the person and automatically locking the time and vehicle.