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Case Study

COCA COLA——Forklift Collision Avoidance System

Counts:1437    Time: 19-06-04    From: Suzhou Teknect Engineering Co., Ltd.

Project introduction:
Swire Coke is a joint venture between the British merchant Swire Group and Coca-Cola,which owns a large number of Coke canning factories around the world.It covers more than 20 Coke canning factories in Chongqing,Hubei,Guangxi,Zhejiang,Suzhou,Hefei,Guangzhou,Yunnan,Shanghai,Xiamen,Hainan,Zhengzhou,etc.

Swire Coke has more than 1,100 forklifts in China,with brands such as Linde,Toyota and Lizhiyou.Forklift is a very important production equipment.All businesses with large transport operations and large numbers of drivers and forklift operators must make safety a top priority.

Swire Coke started the trial project in July 2015 and decided to officially implement it nationwide in May 2016.At present,556 forklift management systems have been installed.Equipment investment was reduced by 16%,personnel expenditure by 12%and forklift maintenance by 38%.

Project requirements:
1.Swire Coca-Cola needs a large number of forklifts in the process of cola production and shipment,and is responsible for the transportation of goods in the factory.When the forklift truck is full of cargo driving or reversing,the driver has a visual blind area,and it is easy to collide with pedestrians and shelves in the factory.
2.Swire Coca Cola has a large number of Coke canning factories in the world,so the headquarters cannot obtain the information of each factory in the first time.Manual data collection is time-consuming and laborious,and the data accuracy is poor,which makes effective management impossible.

By installing forklift management system,forklift anti-collision system and personnel wearing anti-collision bracelet or card,forklift safety anti-collision warning can be realized.When the forklift truck approaches the pedestrian,it will give an alarm and stop the forklift truck to reduce accidents between people and vehicles and improve the management ability.

Teknect centralized data management system,managers can easily obtain real-time data through PC or smart phone,with effective data to support managers decision-making.