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Case Study

Yum KFC logistics case sharing——Forklift Management System

Counts:1467    Time: 20-12-29    From: Suzhou Teknect Engineering Co., Ltd.

Project introduction:
Yum is the world's top catering brand,affiliated brands KFC,Pizza Hut and so on.By the end of 2020,Yum China has 25 logistics centers and 7 integration centers,covering more than 1,500 cities and towns.KFC of Yum Brands has more than 600 forklifts in China,such as Linde and Yongli.Forklift is a very important production equipment,but also a very large capital expenditure project,forklift operation and huge safety risks.

Reasons for cooperation:
1.It is difficult to manage and share data uniformly
2.Collision events cannot be effectively managed
3.Large fleet size and wide factory distribution

TECKENT Forklift Management System provides decision-makers with accurate real-time information about forklifts and operators nationwide and globally through a friendly interface.Such as accident record,forklift utilization,operation efficiency and maintenance management.
1.Authorize operation
Operators need real name qualification seriously,swipe card boot,face recognition
2,force real spot inspection
The mobile app is used for compulsory spot inspection,and the employees complete the appearance inspection,operation inspection and forklift inspection in turn according to the prompts of the app
3.Driver safety management
The driver did not wear a seat belt alarm,leaving the vehicle timed off
4.Collision monitoring
Give early warning when human objects approach.When there is a collision,record monitoring,lock the person,car,time
5.Efficiency analysis
Statistics of forklift utilization rate,forklift operation rate,number of forklift operation per hour peak and trough chart and personnel working time automatically generate reports
6.Power monitoring
Battery monitoring,power usage analysis,maintenance and production report statistics
7.Pedestrian protection system
Wearing a special electronic card,the forklift truck and pedestrians close to the alarm and stop the forklift,reduce accidents between people and vehicles

Project achievements:
Yum KFC started the forklift management system project in August 2017 and has installed 440 forklifts so far.Due to the data support of forklift management system for the newly built warehouse in Tianjin after 2019,the original plan to purchase about 10 forklifts was cancelled through internal deployment,which greatly saved costs.