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Case Study

DSM - Forklift Management System

Counts:1487    Time: 23-01-31    From: Suzhou Teknect Engineering Co., Ltd.

Project introduction:
Royal DSM Group is an international nutrition and health products,chemical raw materials and pharmaceutical group.Based on science and technology,it is active in the fields of health,nutrition and materials worldwide.With expertise in life science and materials science,DSM is committed to creating a better life with Profen technology.DSM began to trade with China in 1963 and now has 27 production plants in China.

Forklift is an important production tool for DSM,but it is also a major cost center and safety hazard.In 2020,through the implementation of Eprincipal FMS forklift management system,forklift safety and forklift management in the factory have achieved remarkable results.

Project effect:
1.Real-name certification of forklift operators to ensure that trained personnel can operate forklifts.Swipe card boot,face recognition,real name use,responsibility to the person.
2.Before the start of the shift,the app forced spot inspection to prevent the counterfeit operation of spot inspection.
3.Monitor collision events,report abnormal events in time,enhance the operator's sense of safety responsibility,and greatly reduce collision accidents
4.Real-time acquisition of working data of personnel and vehicles effectively improves operational efficiency