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Case Study

Amazon China -- Pedestrian protection system

Counts:1009    Time: 23-01-31    From: Suzhou Teknect Engineering Co., Ltd.

Project introduction:
Amazon China--the pedestrian protection system Amazon(Amazon China)has started the project of high-altitude forklift picking in China since 2014.In 2015,Amazon China announced that it began to operate the"Amazon official flagship store"on Tmall on a trial scale.Due to the large amount of picking work in e-commerce warehouses,people and vehicles mixed together,resulting in frequent forklift accidents and high personnel costs.Amazon forklifts are mainly domestic brands,while the imported brands are Linde,Toyota and Crown.
In order to avoid forklift accidents and ensure safe production,the customer's goal is to have zero person-vehicle collisions in the factory.Teknect Forklift Management Company has installed more than 100 sets of pedestrian protection system.Since the installation in March 2014,there has been no accident between people and vehicles.

Pedestrian protection system
(Pedestrian protection system)

Pedestrian protection system:
The pedestrian protection system developed by Yixinan Forklift Management Company can effectively distinguish between pedestrians and obstacles.Pedestrians need to wear special electronic cards.When the forklift approaches pedestrians,it will give an alarm and stop the forklift,and proactively detect pedestrians in the production,assembly and crowded mixed areas between people and vehicles.